Starting Your Project

We believe that the beginning of your project is its most critical stage. This is where decisions are made that can impact your timeframe, your budget and your vision.

Our job is to listen to you, providing ideas and workable solutions within set parameters to support you through this process.

Working in partnership 
The start of your project is where we work in close partnership with you, to help your requirements take shape.

Your brief will begin with a statement of need that creates an initial overview of what you desire from your build. At this stage, it could be that we look at your assumed budget, the space of the site and an analysis of the high level operations needed, for example.

Our skilled architects will then develop your initial brief in a way that will deliver clear design objectives and inspire you to think creatively about your project to help bring the brief to life.

We may consult with specialists to advise on specific requirements and will create a plan that outlines how we will work together throughout the project.