Wrexham Tennis Centre


The Project

Wrexham Tennis Centre is one of the largest indoor and outdoor tennis facilities in the UK offering 7 high performance indoor courts and 11 outdoor courts. Lawray was appointed to develop proposals to modernise the existing facilities and expand the centre by introducing the first Padel Tennis courts in Wales.

The proposals were developed in response to a business case drawn up after a sustainability review was undertaken by the Lawn Tennis Association. The objectives of the business case are to grow tennis participation, improve operational viability and generate additional revenue to secure a sustainable future for the centre.

Sustainable design principles

The existing facilities will be expanded to improve accessibility and provide an exceptional tennis experience for players and spectators, while also enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the site.

Padel Tennis is one of the fastest growing racquet sports in the world. Played on a smaller 10m x 20m court, surrounded by transparent walls, the game combines elements of tennis and squash. In addition to Padel courts, new outdoor courts will be added, and all existing outdoor courts will be resurfaced and resized to be suitable for higher grade national and international competitions. Permeable surfaces and energy efficient LED lighting will enable more frequent play with a focus on community use all year around. The landscape will be enhanced with new seating areas, planting, and walkways, with new dedicated viewing areas to improve the spectator experience.

To reduce carbon emissions existing services will be replaced with modern energy efficient alternatives. The centre’s current photovoltaic panels will be upgraded, cycle storage will be provided, and two on-site EV vehicle charging points will be introduced.

The centre’s café, social spaces, changing rooms and fitness suite will be enhanced to create a better customer experience.

City Sports Quarter

Located at the heart of the town’s proposed City Sports Quarter, the Tennis Centre’s vision has been established in line with Wrexham’s wider regeneration plans, which includes the WAFC stadium development at the racecourse and Wrexham Glyndwr University Campus 2026 expansion– adjacent to the site. The ambition is the attract additional investment from a wide variety of stakeholders. By implementing these proposals, the improved Wrexham Tennis Centre will be positioned as an attractive destination for the local community whilst fostering a vibrant and thriving tennis community in the region.