The project

When the headquarters of the Cardiff Blues Rugby Club became available, the Football Association of Wales (FAW) saw a great opportunity. The Association would be able to relocate and enhance its elite training facilities within the greenery and splendour of the Vale of Glamorgan.

Building on success

Following the success of FAW’s Colliers Park facility in North Wales, the Association appointed Lawray to help create its new Headquarters and Elite Squad Centre in the south.

Our team worked closely with the FAW Chief Executive and Project Team in open and free discussion. This helped us generate a brief and a schedule of accommodation reflecting current trends in creative office design.

A tailored design

To help enhance wellbeing and staff engagement, the project adopted a professional, yet relaxed approach – incorporating the extensive use of natural materials. Adjacencies were considered to achieve improved operational efficiencies, plus the provision of breakout areas and meeting rooms for collaborative engagement across a number of teams.

The players’ area was designed working alongside the Sports Science Team, Performance Team and Kit Manager. The whole area was all completely remodelled, carefully considering the flow of the players and the connectivity of the spaces.

The Players Activation area was laid out to accommodate a range of equipment and a running track, the changing rooms were refitted with bespoke furniture, new showers and hydrotherapy baths. A players’ lounge area was also provided, encouraging the players to remain on site after training.