Bishopston Comprehensive School


The project

Lawray was successful in bidding in partnership with Kier Construction for the major refurbishment and remodelling of Bishopston Comprehensive School. This included the refurbishment of the whole school and the creation of a new entrance and new modular extension in just six months.

Modular construction

Space is always a priority in schools. But how do you create it without overly disrupting staff and pupils long-term? By creating a modular extension, we were able to significantly speed up the creation of this vital new space. More than that, by taking full use of the six weeks holidays, we were able to make great progress while children and teachers were off site.

Quickly move on

The new extension now offers a wide range of facilities. Seamlessly connected to the existing main school building through a link corridor, it provides the school with new science classrooms, a drama studio, art classrooms as well as a media classroom and teacher staff room. Thanks to the creation of the of this new space, the school was able to quickly move on and refurbish other facilities.