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Khora Domes


We work closely with the talented, family team at Khôra Spaces to help to bring their timeless Khôra Domes to life. Over a number of years, we’ve helped Khôra to enhance the lives of its clients by providing spaces in which they can escape from the noise and commotion of everyday life.

The Khôra range of unique glass and metal structures is engineered to the highest standards and using the best quality materials, all of which incorporate the company’s signature curved glass Dome.

The Brief

Khôra Spaces were inspired by Decimus Burton’s design for the Palm House at Kew Gardens. As a pioneering building, this space used wrought iron spanning very large widths without intermediate supporting columns for the first time.

Each Khôra dome embraces this use of bespoke metalwork, offering this unique architectural metalwork to developers and architects, as well as supplying the Khôra Dome for incorporation into other projects.

Working alongside Martin Fox, of our London team, we’re able to offer a design service for Khôra Spaces, allowing them to create tailor-made structures that fit their client’s specific requirements. Each Khôra can be used as a feature of the design in a larger garden room or pool house. The metal structure can be extended, while the walls, windows, doors, portico, lantern, fittings and finishes can all be customised exactly to the client’s requirements.

Our Solution

We assist Khôra Spaces from the consultation stage where we work directly with the client to hone the specifications of their unique build.

Each Khôra has the option of adding custom features, such as stone or marble flooring, bespoke lead roofing, individual weathervanes or made-to-order chandeliers.

Once the client is happy with their design, we then assist Khôra Spaces with the crafting of the dome. This involves weatherproofing the unique structure, assembling it by hand and professionally installing it. As installation takes around four weeks, we also help the team at Khôra Spaces with landscaping, garden design and planting, to ensure that the client’s bespoke space nestles in its setting comfortably.

Lawray are an organisation which is committed to delivery without exception to quality. They are a well organised team with an excellent record in dealing with all levels of client in a complex organisation. Impressive design outcomes and a ‘can do’ attitude only provide benefit to projects they have been involved with. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lawray to any organisation.

Mike Ellery, Velindre