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Eaton Square Apartments


The residence is a stunning development set in one of the three garden squares built by the Grosvenor family in the 19th century. We were commissioned to refurbish this grand Victorian, six storey terrace in this internationally recognised residential address.

The Brief

Recognised as the ‘jewel in the crown’ of Grosvenor Estate, Eaton Square is perfectly positioned, situated in Belgravia, one of London’s prime locations. With its elegant terraced vernacular, these properties are a fine example of the classical style.

We have received a number of commissions in Eaton Square based around the client’s and interior designer’s individual aspirations.

This particular project included the renovation of an apartment with partial reconfiguration of the internal layouts. These works needed to occur without causing damage to the delicate historical features, both internally and externally.

Our Solution

Due to the challenging nature of the site, this was an interesting project that required our team to think tactically about the renovation.

We worked specifically to embrace Grosvenor’s Renaissance regime, incorporating new services such as individual electrical systems and state-of-the-art AV entertainment networking. These were comfortably coordinated into the new designs, allowing the build to preserve the prestigious nature of this London address, while modernising to bring the space in line with the client’s modern expectation.

Lawray Architects are an affable bunch of people, easy to work with yet still very professional. That’s especially useful for clients who aren’t used to the everyday business of design, contractors and tenders. They approach the job and client as you would like to think you would do yourself with anyone working in unfamiliar territory.

Daniel Shaw

Torch Theatre General Manager