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North Wales Police Operational Hub


North Wales Police wanted to renew their facilities to improve their delivery of policing to the wider community. We were brought in to assess the new needs of the station and create an operational hub for the Force.

The Brief

The station serves the island of Anglesey, but a recent estates review carried out by the North Wales Division identified a need for services that were designed to benefit police officers and the wider community, enabling the force to better deliver 21st century policing.

Initially a central hub was proposed but during design development, it was discovered that a Hub scheme wouldn’t be the most effective or efficient model.

We worked closely with the policing team to redefine the brief to feature a new police station, replacing existing leased premises and facilitating centralization of the three smaller stations.

Our Solution

One of the major considerations we undertook was to make sure the new building provides flexible accommodation for agile working, combining operational and welfare facilities.

We revised the brief several times during the project, adjusting the layout to create a local space for the Probation Service. This was comfortably incorporated without pushing back timescales or changing the budget.

The project was developed with a high sustainability agenda and the new building houses gas absorption heat pumps, rainwater harvesting and photovoltaic cells. It’s been designed to maximise the use of natural daylight and includes a high-level of thermal insulation. These features combine with low air-permeability to minimise energy consumption and optimise the building’s green credentials.

Lawray has been a partner of the Corporation of the Church House for over 20 years and in that time has been heavily involved in several large refurbishment projects. The team’s knowledge and skills have proved invaluable in the areas of design, planning and project administration. When redeveloping a listed property, Lawray have ensured that they treat the architecture with sympathy whilst producing space that is effective for modern day requirements. Lawray continues to work closely with our in-house team on forthcoming projects and we would have no hesitation in recommending their work to others.

Mr Ian Bessant, Facilities Manager

The Corporation of Church House (Aug 2013)