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Ninian Park, Cardiff


We were appointed to take the design of this unique site from planning to a create a development worthy of its location.

The Brief

Ninian Park was once the football ground for the Cardiff City (The Bluebirds). Since it was demolished in 2009, the site was sold to Redrow Homes.

The development needed to consist of private ownership and housing association units, with 142 dwellings of varying sizes that needed to be completed.

The scheme needed a detailed master plan upfront that considered the security of the site as a priority. This would allow the project to be in line a ‘Secure by Design’ ethos.

Our Solution

This huge project required sensitive and decisive steps in order to focus on making it a sustainable community. We wanted the space to create a sense of belonging for every inhabitants, comfortably embedding the scheme with the local community.

As a key priority, the designs we developed needed to achieve a minimum Level 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, helping to meet targets for the local area.

We worked closely with Redrow Homes to ensure we were achieving a quality finish that embraced a contemporary look.

Overall, Ninian Park has an innovative finish that creates a community within an iconic landmark.

Lawray Architects are an affable bunch of people, easy to work with yet still very professional. That’s especially useful for clients who aren’t used to the everyday business of design, contractors and tenders. They approach the job and client as you would like to think you would do yourself with anyone working in unfamiliar territory.

Daniel Shaw

Torch Theatre General Manager