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Borough High Street


Prominently located along Borough High Street, this new build 7 storey apartment block, complete with retail outlet at Ground and Basement floors offers both home and retail owners value for money. Unique in appearance, this development has been designed to meet current Lifetime Homes and Code for Sustainable Home Level 4.

The Brief

Appointed from Planning, this scheme requires the demolition of the existing detached Public House situated on the corner of Suffolk and Bo rough High Street. Mindful of the local architecture, massing and the like, the proposed form of the building replicates the existing footprint with additional floors creating a new 7 storey building consisting of 9 residential units with commercial/retail outlet at Basement and Ground floors. The scheme is a modern intervention requiring an understanding towards the detailing, glazing, fa çade treatments, and structural implications towards the proposed footprint. Addressing the Planning Conditions , we required a clear understanding between the design team and Planning Officers involved. Lawray have since developed all relevant tender and construction packages overseeing the project to completion as Lead Designer.

Our Solution

Working in Revit, Lawray have produced a 3D model, which allowed other disciplines to explore and interface with the scheme. This formed the basis of our overall co-ordination programme, an approach that later saved valuable time during the technical design process, ironing out clash items and general services integration. During early workshops, Lawray reviewed with the team all respective elements including the basement works and the transfer slab required with structural implementation remaining within the planning constraints. The interiors also underwent revisions to suit floor zones, services installation, and Building Control, whilst mindful of the commercial parameters and necessity to maximize apartment and retail floor areas.
Lawray Architects are an affable bunch of people, easy to work with yet still very professional. That’s especially useful for clients who aren’t used to the everyday business of design, contractors and tenders. They approach the job and client as you would like to think you would do yourself with anyone working in unfamiliar territory.

Daniel Shaw

Torch Theatre General Manager