Welcome to this pre-application consultation for

Kendal Court

On behalf of our client, MJG London, we would like to notify you of a Public Consultation for this new development on the Kendal Court site. This follows a recent presentation of draft plans to members of the local Parish Council and to tenants with premises already on the site.

Our original intention was to provide an exhibition and community consultation, via drop-in session in the vacant former Anglia Fireplace shop situated on the site via one or two pm and evening sessions. Unfortunately, with social distancing measures in force, this is no longer possible. The project team are therefore showcasing the proposals online and also in Anglia Fireplace indicating how the development could potentially look when complete.

This will be available for you to view and provide feedback until end of May 2020.

In preparing our scheme the project team have sought to address all the concerns that were identified by South Cambridgeshire’s planning Officers via a previous applicant’s scheme on the site (a pre-application consultation) and, at the same time provide a high quality and neighbourly development that will enhance the local community, economy and environment.

The development will provide new dwellings which are sought as part of the long-term challenge for the delivery of housing in the area, particularly where sustainable transport can be delivered alongside.

We and the owner consider ourselves to be respectful, approachable and considerate neighbours during both the informal and formal applications, the construction and the future operation of the development. Once the application is submitted to South Cambridgeshire, residents will be formally consulted on the proposals, and comments would be submitted directly to the Council, and considered as part of the formal planning process.

In the meantime, we welcome the opportunity to answer any queries that you may have on the developing proposals.

The doors of Kendal Court will be opened from 9 am to 5pm on weekdays only.










The development site is located at a prominent corner junction, off the eastern side of Cambridge Road and adjacent to the guided busway along the northern boundary of the site. It is situated within an area designated in the Cambridgeshire Local Plan Proposals Map as E/8 – Mixed-Use Development in Histon & Impington Station Area.

This policy allocation seeks to create an attractive and vibrant gateway to the local settlement area providing mixed-use development including:

  • Commercial Uses – retail, café, workshops
  • Community Uses
  • Residential Development

Within the proposals Map area, three separate development sites are specifically referred to, namely, the former Bishops Hardware site, the Old Railway Goods Yard and Kendal Court site. These sites are all directed to include commercial and/or community uses in addition to any residential development if being considered for redevelopment. The first of the 2 sites noted above (Bishops and Old Station) have already recently received planning permission and preliminary works have commenced.

The Kendal Court development site is currently comprised of an area of parking hardstanding, a commercial unit (former Anglia Fireplace retail outlet), a small convenience store, a funeral director, one residential dwelling house and three residential flats situated above the convenience store and funeral directors. The proposals are to demolish the existing buildings and provide a new mixed-use development containing 28 Flats (including semi-basement parking situated under a podium deck, a new convenience store and replacement premises for the funeral directors. Both existing tenants on the site are supportive of the proposals.

The following pages indicate our approach to the site, the anticipated form and massing of the building and its potential appearance.

Massing study

1. Any design proposals need to respect the existing constraints, including distances to neighbouring properties, overlooking and privacy. As well as maintaining the commercial units on the site, a shop and funeral directors. The proposals will also look to enhance and introduce increased greenery and landscape into the site.
2. After the site analysis and precedents, we incorporate the mass and decrease the level of the sides which are close to the existing neighbours. This action was made to reduce the scale of the proposal and bring it to the scale of the surroundings.

To ensure developing proposals respect the scale and character of the surrounding area, any building mass will step up to the focal corner, whilst minimising impact on the neighbouring properties.
3. By doing an excavation on the site, we add parking spaces for the residents and decrease the amount of cars on the road. We also incorporate communal areas like a podium deck and a garden for the joy of the users.
4. Next action is to break up the volume with interruptions to integrate our volumes into the rhythm of the local area. Respecting the widths of the adjacent facades and bring them to our proposal.
5. To limit the building height and mass, the top floor of the proposal is within the roof, this helps bring the eaves line down but also reflected the existing roof aesthetic of the local area.
This is in contrast to the focal corner, which offers a key landmark to the junction of Cambridge road. This area can be landscaped to provide a welcoming public realm.
6. Finally, we add dormer windows to the roof, and a brick base to the ground floor. This helps with the material aesthetic reflecting material choices seen in the neighbouring vicinity.

Our Solution

The project is next to a new 34 housing development and an historical Former Train Station with a proposed new development on site. In that context and considering the urban scale, the proposals work cohesively to enhance the local area.

The developed proposals have been through rigours investigations to ensure the materiality and urban scale reflect that currently shown within Histon and Impington.

The focal corner acts as a prominent feature, which will be noticeable along Cambridge road. This assists with highlighting the commercial premises below, but also adds to the character of a key junction within Histon and Impington.

The scale and mass of the proposal is visibly interrupted in line with the patterns of the neighbouring streets and local vernacular. These design breaks offer a change of materiality and provide the proposals with an ordered hierarchy that responds to the site, with the focal corner shard being the main focus.

We believe the design proposals will add an extra lease of life to the site, within the heart of the community. The existing commercial facilities will be enhanced and retained, alongside providing vital residential units of a mix of 1 and 2 bed apartments.

Proposed plans and elevations



Area Study

3D Visuals

Public Consultation Form

To comment on this proposal, please download the form below, and return a completed copy to london@lawray.co.uk

Lawray has been a partner of the Corporation of the Church House for over 20 years and in that time has been heavily involved in several large refurbishment projects. The team’s knowledge and skills have proved invaluable in the areas of design, planning and project administration. When redeveloping a listed property, Lawray have ensured that they treat the architecture with sympathy whilst producing space that is effective for modern day requirements. Lawray continues to work closely with our in-house team on forthcoming projects and we would have no hesitation in recommending their work to others.

Mr Ian Bessant, Facilities Manager

The Corporation of Church House (Aug 2013)