Sophie Simpson

Architectural Technologist

Sophie joined Lawray Architects in April 2024, bringing a passion for precision and innovation to her role as an Architectural Technologist. Originally from New Zealand, she earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Auckland in 2017 and gained over six years of experience as an Architectural Designer in New Zealand, before relocating to the UK.

Growing up with a father who was a builder, Sophie developed an early interest in architecture, often creating architectural models out of cardboard, which inspired her to pursue a career in architecture.

Sophie's proficiency in Autodesk Revit enables her to create accurate 3D models that serve as the foundation for construction projects. With a strong knowledge of SketchUp, ArchiCAD, and AutoCAD, her expertise lies in translating design concepts into detailed technical drawings and specifications.

Outside of work, Sophie enjoys playing tennis, attending music festivals and gigs, and traveling to new places.