Rhys Edwards


Rhys brings enthusiasm, organisational rigour and a solid work ethic to the delivery of every project. His affable nature has made him an approachable character willing to listen and understand the needs of his clients and team.

His wealth of experience across multiple sectors ensures that Rhys can adapt to the specific requirements each individual project presents, while ensuring deadlines are met.

Rhys is a fluent Welsh speaker and regularly communicates with clients, contractors and members of the design team in both Welsh and English. He believes that communicating with team members in their preferred language is an advantage to any project.

As an Associate, Rhys leads a team within the Cardiff studio and develops relationships with clients and contractors to ensure projects run smoothly. Rhys’s meticulous eye for detail and passion for the industry ensures that projects achieve the client’s ambitions.

Rhys can deliver projects from concept through to completion. His conscientious and thorough approach throughout the design and construction process is vital in steering a project in the right direction.

Outside of work Rhys has a passion for the great outdoors. You’ll often find him cycling, hiking, camping and rock climbing on the weekends or after work.