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Thinking outside the silo

Martin Fox


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Martin has been a chartered architect for more than forty years. He promotes a collaborative approach to work, both within the company and in the wider construction sector. He encourages the sharing of ideas and knowledge at all levels to give the client the best experience of the building process.

He believes architects are uniquely placed to offer clients a complementary set of skills based not only on the immediacy of a design solution, but on a greater awareness of humanity’s place in nature, and the responsibilities that this carries, now and for future generations.

During his career, Martin has seen the process of designing and presenting solutions to his clients evolve from pencil or pen on paper, through the early computer aids to the highly organised information modelling being delivered by the latest computer programmes. His own curiosity has driven him to understand and become proficient in each new development, but he still retains a strong belief in the need to retain the traditional skills of observation and recording, which are highly transferable to these new forms and promote the concept of the architect as an artist.