Luke Lipski

Architectural Assistant

Luke recently graduated from the University of the Creative Arts – Canterbury and joined Lawray in 2022 as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant.

During his bachelor’s degree Luke focused on a variety of projects, mainly in the residential and commercial sectors, achieving a first-class honours.

Luke has a passion for sustainability and looks for ways to reduce waste and carbon use in his projects. He is developing his expertise in design software such as Revit and seeks to promote a more sustainable way of living through construction and design.

Visual representation is important to Luke, and he uses graphic design to creatively express and professionally present his work. Utilising textures and colours, he believes, helps to illustrate an atmosphere within a design, to evoke feelings and communicate the inhabitation of the buildings.

In his spare time, he enjoys sports and being in the outdoors, particularly cycling and hiking. He is also currently learning German.