John Evans

Head of IT, BIM and QA

John has been working in the construction industry for nearly forty years. Starting as an Architectural Technician he diversified early on in his career into CAD, IT Management and Quality Assurance functions, within several well-known architectural practices. He is from the first generation to use computers in the architectural profession and has considerable experience of many different IT solutions and software applications.

John is a keen advocate for Building Information Modelling (BIM) and has been using the BIM practical processes and procedures long before BIM became a common requirement across the industry.

Joining Lawray in 2013 he is directly responsible to the Board of Directors. He has been instrumental enabling the business to become a holistic operational entity across its three studios. He has completely updated the business operational functions in IT and BIM, all governed under the ISO 9001 QA standards that he also leads. He has built a comprehensive IT infrastructure that is easily accessible and reliable for all staff, yet is secure and fully compliant with the Cyber Essentials certification programme for security operations. He has developed and enhanced working practices, IT infrastructure functions and Cloud based technologies. He enabled all staff to adopt agile working during the COVID pandemic. This enabled the business to continue providing its clients with high quality services, despite the constraints of COVID. All staff can work agilely anytime, anywhere and any place.

John provides staff with back and front-end support and training. He liaises with the IT supply chain and software developers to get best value to maintain Lawray’s service deliverables across the business. He supports project teams with hardware and software support and BIM advice, writing BIM Execution Plans and other information to support project BIM activities. He is a keen supporter of new technologies, where these provide the business with value, added benefits and enhanced returns on investment.

Outside of work John is keen on history, particularly war history, classic British movies, gardening, food - not alcohol, and model railways.