Alan Miller


020 7138 3560

Alan joined Lawray in 1996 after graduating from the University of Greenwich. His passion for architecture has witnessed his natural progression through the ranks of the practice from Architectural Assistant to Board Director. His experience spans multiple sectors including education, commercial, healthcare, multi and prime residential. His affable nature has made him an approachable character willing to listen and understand the needs of his clients and the team aboard. Alan believes the development of good architecture not only starts with a vision and a creative mind, but also with the ability to explore design to organise, communicate and process a brief. The culmination of this approach, he believes, promotes confidence and an inclination to physically develop an idea together as a team.

When delving further, Alan’s architectural mindset has been influenced by his martial arts background. Seeking a subconscious feeling towards the formula of space, form and nature, Alan’s philosophy is to avoid conflict and seek out a harmonious balance rather like ‘Yin and Yang’. Within his martial sphere, a simple purposeful movement can often create or have the necessary effect without the need to over-elaborate or be excessive. To explore the very technique is the way to perfect application and ‘when it feels right, often it is right’. Alan sees this concept translating into the very architecture he wishes to strive towards.

Alan believes in helping others where possible and part of this is his active role with the RIBA mentoring scheme and connection to various universities. In this, Alan endeavours to help Part 1 graduates prepare for their first steps towards internship.